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Infant Home

If a mother feels secure and cared for, she will do all she can to keep and take care of her child. We desire to help women find a way out of their difficult situations by providing a safe haven in our Life Center. It is always our aim to make it possible for a mother to keep and raise her child.

There will be circumstances, however, in which mothers and families decide that they do not want to, or are unable to keep the child after birth or in the first few years of its life. Life for All is planning to have an infant home, in which it will care for young children from birth until 5 years of age. Life for All will take the young ones into its care and lovingly look after them. The long-term dream is to become an adoption agency in order to see these precious children coming into families, who love them and can take care of them.

We at Life for All will care for these babies and children in a family-like setting in our unique combination of Infant / Old Age Home in which the children are cared for not only by our staff but also by the older residents. Our aim is for the little ones to feel welcome, loved and appreciated in this world.

Old Age Home

Life for All … from conception to natural death

What started out as a weekly walk on the grounds of Coimbatore‘s Government Hospital has evolved into a life-saving branch of Life for All‘s work. Up to twenty staff members offer help to those who are in need. We are confronted with tragedies every week. We see elderly men and women lying on the concrete next to the sewage, cast away and deserted by their families. During the first few weeks, the dying flame of hope that someone will return to take them home still flickers. Or maybe someone will at least bring them some food? But soon, this illusion dies and these old people must resign themselves to waiting. Waiting for death to free them from the pain of abandonment and the anguish of their illness.

“Tragedy” is a word too mild to describe their fate.

We at Life for All stand for the inviolability and valuation of human life from conception to natural death. A human being is immeasurably precious at each stage of life and worthy of protection. These elderly men and women – forsaken by those closest to them – deserve our respect.

For this reason, we care for these desperate old people. We wash them and provide food and clothing. We comfort them and see that their medical needs are cared for.

Sasi, “A stroke has left him paralized.”

He is approximately sixty years old. A stroke has left him paralysed. His sister took him to the hospital and left him on the pavement. She never returned. Sasi sits alone in his filth for more than a month, unable to move or communicate. In the rare moments when a passer-by throws some left-overs his way, he drops to his side and eats off the concrete like an animal. It takes him a long time to sit up again. None of the doctors or nurses seem to notice him. Sasi has resigned himself to waiting for death.

When we met him, we went straight to work: we cleaned and washed him, shaved him and clothed him in fresh new clothes. We feed him regular meals and talk to him. We see that he gets the medical attention he needs.

We have met quite a few Sasis on the GH grounds. And the fact is that after caring for them and having them treated, their situation is still dire.

For this reason and to be able to care for elderly men and women, Life for All has established an Old Age Home in which we are planning to care for these people with the dignity and respect they deserve.

“If you are pregnant and need help, please contact us here. We are here to help you!”