Photo Gallery

A fetal model of a 12 week old baby

A Seminar at a government school near Coimbatore

A number of amazing colleges joined for this protest against porn

At 4 weeks this little one already has a beating heart the size of a poppy seed

Life Center- Celebrating life includes nice birthday parties

Counselling time

Delivery completed another happy mother with baby in her arms

Free school items for our next door tribal village

Gotta love babies.

Hospital work- Our team shaving and bathing Sasi. Poor man had been sitting in his own filth for way too long

Hospital Work- Sometimes food is all these precious people need

Hospital Work- This gentleman was so clear of mind. Yet he had given up all hope on those hospital grounds of ever anyone caring for him again.

Jeevalaya- Ground breaking day in September 2016!

Jeevalaya- Harvesting the first crops on Jeevalaya chillies and eggplants

Jeevalaya- This is our Life Center on the left and the Old Age Home cum Infant Home to the right

Jeevalaya- To the left is the skill training center, where our women and those of the surrounding tribal villages can learn and earn.

Jeevitha, our first baby born in the Life Center in 2011

Mummy and daughter playing games

Not even an hour old another one saved!

Our first leaders training in February 2018

Our seminars have led us to 18 different states in India

Over 60 children joined our summer camp from the surrounding villages

Precious Rajapriya all doctors demanded she have an abortion due to health reasons. But she chose life for her daughter.

Protesting against injustices through female foeticide on National Girl Child Day

Proud mummy

Proud of her little daughter

One of our little Life Center Sunshines

Summer Camp 2018- In our temperatures here this water game was a definite highlight

Summer Camp 2018- Bringing awareness about the dangers of pornography addiction

Sweet little girl safe with mummy

The Annual National Gathering of pro-life organisations- This was first initiated by LfA and has been hosted by us twice since its initial gathering in 2014

The bangle function is a way we tell our ladies we love you and we celebrate this pregnancy with you

The day two of our ladies gave birth in the Center within 2 hours!

LfA was privileged to practically help this lovely lady, who was left by her husband when her baby girl was but a few days old.

This beautiful widow and mother of 4 is HIV+. She was married to a man as an additional second wife at age 14. LfA was able to help her through an MED project

This is just the cutest picture ever. Baby here is 7 weeks old less than two months. She is the size of a cashew nut and already all organs have formed

We love serving all who need help. Here, a medical camp organized by LfA

We’ve done seminars in air conditioned halls with fancy meals but also in little villages like this one

“If you are pregnant and need help, please contact us here. We are here to help you!”