Life Center

Rani is 9 weeks pregnant as she comes to one of our Life for All staff members.

Her sister immediately bursts out with the need for an abortion. You see, Rani was raped, she is pregnant and unmarried.  Our staff member explains about the development of the baby, its uniqueness and worth, and gives Rani a model of a baby the same age as her little one.  Rani’s eyes light up as she realizes she is carrying a complete and perfect child in her womb, and not a lump of cells as others had claimed. This child could help Rani overcome the indignity and pain she has suffered.

The two sisters decide this child is not to blame and has a right to live just like any other human being. Returning home, however, the situation grows dim. Rani’s brother-in-law is not willing to let this shameful situation rob him of his reputation and ambitions as a local politician. The baby must go.

Immediately, Rani and the entire family disappear. Weeks later, we are told Rani was forced to undergo an abortion against her will. Rani’s child is dead. Rani’s heart is broken.

This tragic and sadly not uncommon situation led Life for All to take immediate action so that a woman like Rani can flee from opposition and find a safe place for herself and her child. In our Life Center, the mother will experience love and acceptance. Food and shelter are provided, and our staff tend to her everyday needs. We strive to offer the mother a hopeful outlook for her future by encouraging her to learn a trade while she lives with us.

We have watched these ladies positively alter not only their own lives and those of their families but impact the villages and communities to which they return.

We see inner healing from the traumatic effects previous abortions have had on them.

We see self-assurance, a new strength and wholeness in them as they embrace their lives as women.

As of today more than 40 ladies have found refuge in our Life Center, which was the first of its kind in India. As we witness the joy of new life coming into this world and the hope of mothers being restored, this Life Center is truly a center of life.

If you are pregnant and need help, please contact us here. We are here to help you!