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Life for All is an international non-profit organization, whose aim it is to reduce injustices towards women and children in Indian society. Every two seconds – 24/7 – a child’s life is being brought to an end through abortion in India. Millions of girls have been murdered before birth or shortly after for no other reason except they are girls. Indian women and girls are being trafficked to feed the insatiable market of pornography. Families are breaking up because of abortions and pornography addictions. Rapes are rising in parallel to the rise of pornography addiction.

In the midst of these injustices and misery Life for All stands up and speaks for those who cannot speak for themselves – for the unborn boys and girls and their mothers, as well as the victims in the pornography business – the women and the addicts. We educate through our Life Seminars and sensitively address these issues, challenging our audience to make choices based on high ethical standards. We run these moral awareness seminars for a broad cross-section of target audiences, be they college and school students, lawyers, doctors, nurses, villages and corporations. As of today, Life for All has conducted these seminars in more than 375 locations, reaching more than 75,000 participants in 18 states of India. Read more about our Life Seminars here.

To those, who are experiencing crisis pregnancies Life for All offers a safe home. In our Life Centers ladies find not only shelter and medical care, but dignity and respect. Life for All is there to support and encourage the mother during her pregnancy, as well during and after birth. All services to these ladies are without charge. Read more about our Life Centers here.

Our big dream is to establish a natural birthing center, where ladies can give birth to their child in both a loving and medically professional setting. Read more about our Birthing Center here.

Life for All addresses one of the major challenges facing Indian society, defending those most vulnerable – from conception until natural death.

“If you are pregnant and need help, please contact us here. We are here to help you!”